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in their 20s.

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Hi, I’m Hannah

A social entrepreneur and community builder. 

I launched Life Hacks for Women after graduating from college in 2017. My mission was simple: to empower millennial women's personal growth and professional development. 

San Francisco is the city I feel fortunate to call home. When not sharing Life Hacks, I spend my free time running, writing, reading, and spending time with friends. 


I’m writing a 


~Coming soon~

The last few months, I've been working on a fictional piece that tells the stories of three women in their mid-20s living in San Francisco as they navigate their relationships and careers. These women's stories are about love and friendship, ambition and adversity. Above all, their stories are about figuring out this whole thing called our 20s, something that I hope will resonate with many other millennial women.

To stay updated and learn more about this project, please fill out this form. :) 

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Life Hacks for Women was founded in May 2018 by Hannah Schlacter. This Community empowers millennial young women to find their center through "Life Hacks" and a crowd-sourced global Community Blog. Young women find their center by intentionally managing the professional, personal, and wellness aspects of their life. The transition into a young professional out of college is a challenging transition for women. This Community supports women during this time, inspiring them to find their center and live their best life.

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